Teenage boy

Will Abrams.

Will Abrams is an evolved human with Elemental Manipulation. He was born in Colorado, but was sent to live with an aunt in New York City. Will discovered his powers when a gang of bullys threatened him in his schoolyard. Terrified of himself, he fled to The Company, in hopes of being cured of his power. Bob Bishop, upon seeing him demonstrate, ordered him locked in Level 5. Will escaped three years later and found Pinehearst.As an agent of Pinehearst, Will found Kayla. Today they roam America, hunting villans.

After Will Abrams lost his powers to Arthur Petrelli, he believed a sample of the formula would restore his original power,but instead it gave him an incredible ability: to simply touch someone, and he would make them a thousand times more powerful, and when he took his hand away, he could use that ability at any time.

Absorbed Abilities:

History With OthersEdit

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